When my time comes, I want to ease the financial burden on my family.

  • Premiums from just £1.81/week*

  • Cover amounts from £1,000 to £20,000

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Premiums from just £1.81/week*

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Did you know that funeral costs have been rising even faster than energy bills?

The cost of a basic funeral has increased 122% since 2004 and is predicted to continue rising for many years to come. When we think of rapidly increasing prices we tend to think of houses, petrol and energy, but the rising cost of a basic funeral has outstripped all of these over the past 10 years. This is why you should consider a life insurance policy designed to help cover the costs of a funeral.

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When faced with rising costs, it's sensible to consider the help that an insurance policy can offer

The upward trajectory of final costs is certainly astonishing; and many reasons are given - rising land costs for burial sites, increased fees for funeral directors, cuts to local authority budgets - but you can ease the burden on your loved ones by taking suitable cover today - and with premiums starting from as little as £1.81/week* you may hardly notice the cost. Please remember the cover amount you choose, could be less than the cost of a funeral in the future.

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Take life insurance today and in the future your family will thank you

We don’t like to acknowledge our own mortality but at least an outcome that’s inevitable is an outcome that can be planned for. Whether your time is near or far, your family are unlikely to be thinking of final costs or expenses when all of sudden they need to be paid - and financial stress is an unwelcome visitor at the best of times. But you can help save your family from additional worry by taking a policy now.

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There are more benefits to taking life insurance with Bright Light's partners

All policies aim to give peace of mind at affordable premiums, but there are further benefits too - your policy will include a free will making kit - your premiums will end when you reach 90 years of age but your cover will continue for life - your policy will be paid out to your chosen beneficiaries within 48 hours**

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*Example given is for the equivalent of £3,500 cover for a 53 year old on an Increasing Premium Plan with a 12 month Accidental Death Period. Premiums are dependent on age and cover.
**Within 48 hours of receiving completed claims documents
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4Figure extrapolated to 2031 from "The Funeral Time Bomb" report1which predicts a 71.7% rate of increase to 2024
5Calculated as the percentage increase from £1,920 (in 2004) to £4,257 (today)